Steps to Maximise Efficiency in Your Renovation or Extension Project

28 September 2020

Since a home renovation or extension project can be every bit of a struggle, it requires a whole lot of focused energy to plan and execute. This can often be […]

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Flooring Options and Considerations in a Home Renovation

11 September 2020

Flooring plays a dual function in your home, part functional and part decorative. Choosing the best flooring for your home renovation undertaking can be dubious and frequently relies upon inclinations, […]

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Best Ways to Extend and Add Space to Your Home

28 August 2020

Extending and adding space to your home may seem like simply an issue of cutting out and making adapted living space from that room. For some, it does not exclusively […]

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Kitchen Lighting Types to Consider During a Kitchen Renovation Project

14 August 2020

In almost every room of the house, both general lighting and task lighting are utilised. One room where many of us particularly want to give the two types of lighting […]

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Why Choosing the Right Kind of Layout Matters in Kitchen Renovation Projects?

31 July 2020

To a few, designing a kitchen is about ergonomics, stockpiling, arrangement and cooking. For you, a kitchen may mean a spot to do schoolwork, a gathering spot for a mutual […]

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