New Kitchen Extension Ideas that will Liven Up Your Boring Space

13 April 2021

Your favourite idea of enlarging your kitchen interior may be focused on transforming your garage into a bright, lively bar and breakfast nook or installing a large vaulted skylight and balcony bar above your current kitchen layout. The sky is truly the limit in terms of envisioned creative design. By teaming up with an equally creative home renovations group and contractor, you can achieve the stunning kitchen extension of your dreams.

Inspiring New Kitchen Extension Ideas to Enliven Your Boring Space

Attractive and inspiring ideas for a new kitchen extension to brighten and enliven your boring space include the following:

  1. Banish the Walls. If your kitchen is located next to a pantry or storage room adjoining your outdoor terrace or deck, this is the perfect opportunity to take down the walls, combining the rooms into an open-plan design. By installing a sliding glass window wall that opens onto your terrace, you can have a kitchen well-lit with pure, natural sunlight. Not only will this make terrace entertaining and outdoor family dinners a breeze, but it will create a healthy, active and engaging atmosphere to enliven food preparation time.
  2. Create More Height. If you decide on a two-storey extension for your new kitchen design, you can also double the market value of your home. For this project, you will need the expertise of an excellent contractor and, most likely, an architect. In the new spatial layout, you can include a stunning glazed glass ceiling area for healthy streams of daytime sunlight and romantic stargazing at night. Of course, under this window to the stars and planets, you will want to add a sleek, stylish bar with cushioned stools and wall-mounted sconce lanterns for soft mood lighting.
  3. Embrace Tech-Savvy Design. You can introduce a strong element of drama and high-tech futuristic style in your contemporary kitchen update. With motion-activated LED lights and streamlined super-sheen stainless steel appliances, you can add the allure of a future spaceship interior to your food and beverage preparation areas. With the addition of an extra-spacious double oven, a large wine chiller and a clear glass dome covered convection cooker, you will step into your space-age cookery extension of intrigue each time you enter your updated kitchen.

When you consult our experts at Optimum Renovations, you will receive excellent information, advice and renovation services for the design and construction of your stunning new kitchen extension. Our experienced professionals will ensure that your newly expanded cooking, eating and entertainment area is the fabulous kitchen interior of your dreams.

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