Maximising Renovation Costs for Large Kitchens

29 April 2021

When it comes to kitchen renovations you can rarely go wrong, but the options are innumerable. You want to make sure that is not only looks amazing now, but that it will remain a stylish option for the years to come. You have to do this on a budget, so it is important to know which decisions are necessary. Below are kitchen renovation must haves for your home.

Select a Timeless Colour Scheme and Backsplashes

We all know that white is a classic and timeless colour, but it can be a bit tough to keep clean. However, with the right splashback and durable tiles you can pull it off. Grab yourself a few remodelling books and start grabbing ideas, but don’t go colour crazy. The last thing you want is to be repainting when the next seasons colour hits the scene. Always think yellows, pastels, white when it comes to painting. You want a timeless looking kitchen; after all, it is one of the most expensive home renovations.

So, play it safe, go with the white paint and get yourself a nice glass splashback or one with the LED lighting. You can get really creative with your splashbacks nowadays. They are really about a lot more than spill proofing that’s for sure. You can play it safe and go with a metal or a tile backsplash too if you prefer. This and in your flooring or cabinetry is where you will see your colour come into play. Some choose timber because of its classic and timeless style.

You can think about the knobs, handles and how your backsplash will bring out the tiles you choose for the floor. Maybe even a middle of the wall boarder or ceiling meets wall boarder can add a touch of color. The idea though is to keep it simple and clean letting each addition compliment rather than override the next.

Choose the Best Kitchen Countertop

Another thing that can be purchased relatively affordably now is marble or marble looking countertops. This, like hard wood and white paint, is a classic. Just be sure that you are choosing a good marble appearance to highlight the added color from the handles, floor, backsplash and the curtains that you are going to add as well. Some people like the subway tiles which can give that old classic look. When it comes to kitchen countertops, there are several options to choose from, like marble, granite, caesarstone, stainless, hardwood, tiles, etc… and this will depend on your taste and your budget.

Maximise Geometric Figures

Let geometry play. Having different cabinets that are falling at different types is fun and modern. Don’t be afraid to play with the measurements and stray away from the old uniform cabinetry. Also, go ahead and shoot for that island! This frees enough space while adding modern style. Plus, you can hang pots and pans above it for a real authentic and classic kitchen look while mixing a lot of modern style into the mix.

There are so many options to choose from when you have enough budget to spend. However, remember to spend wisely and maximise all of your best options and consult with only the best contractor that can give you the best kitchen design and quality for your home.


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