Custom Kitchen Renovation Modern Design Ideas for Your Melbourne Home

14 May 2020

Our kitchen typically serves as the centre of the whole home. Meal preparations are always done in this specific place. Even the bonding of some family members happens here while cooking food or washing the dishes. Since most memorable moments happen in the kitchen, this place needs to have an overall vibe that is appealing and timely. Having a great appearance, after all, will encourage you and your family members to stay there for an extensive amount of time.

Fortunately, home designers often share some great ideas for each home area and room. For your Melbourne home, you may want to check out the following modern kitchen designs since you can use them as your guide when you renovate your kitchen.

Embracing Smart

Utilising the full functionalities of technology can make our lives easier. Believe it or not, our kitchen can contain several smart appliances and gadgets for your convenience. Some enhancements that you can include in your smart kitchen include motion-sense equipped kitchen faucets, smart refrigerators and dishwashers, a programmable coffee maker, and an eco-friendly lighting system.

Dark-Coloured Cabinets

Old kitchens mostly maximise light colours when it comes to their cabinets. However, you may now use dark colours in coating your cabinets. Different paint colours or wood stain colours can now be used to paint your cabinets, which can create accent pieces and additional pops-of-colour. Cabinets with colour black, navy, emerald green, or plum can enhance a kitchen’s dramatic and luxurious feel.

Streamlining Designs

Veering away from the traditional mid-century modern kitchen designs, a modern kitchen design creates an environment that is stress-free and simple. The use of modern clean lines all over your kitchen space creates a sense of more open space and perspective. One common practice with modern kitchens is the removal of wall cabinets. Alternatively, the use of open shelves is welcome for added storage space. The use of textured materials is also great for modern home kitchens.

Quartz Countertops

One material that you can use on your modern kitchen countertops is quartz. Quartz is extremely durable, allowing it to last for a long time. It is also anti-microbial, which makes it a great material for your kitchen. Installing a quartz countertop will help you not worry about germs and bacteria that may get into your food. As for its appearance, a quartz countertop can now come in a variety of colours and finishes. Any realistic stone patterns that you prefer are now possible with quartz countertops.

Tiling with Ceramic

Ceramic tiling is now becoming popular since it offers a wide variety of designs and styles. If you are a fan of hardwood flooring, then you can make your ceramic tiles look exactly like hardwood. This tiling can even be designed to resemble and mimic the surface texture of other materials like natural stone. As for its size, you can now get single plank tiles that look like actual wide planks of hardwood once installed on the floor. Custom cut tiles are also possible with ceramic tiling for your kitchen.

Converting your kitchen with these modern designs can be favourable to the needs of your household. You can even use these ideas to make your home more appealing to the eyes of your friends and guests. If you need help with renovation works, just contact us at Optimum Renovations. We offer complete home renovations and extensions. We package the whole process from initial concepts and design through to a completion handshake.

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