Home Renovation Principles that Every Good Contractor Should Follow

08 April 2020

Hiring a contractor is the go-to move of every homeowner who wants the best for their home renovation. However, choosing the right one is always a matter of grave importance since such definitely dictates the outcome of a renovation project. What most people don’t know is that there are also home renovation principles that every good contractors should follow. Below are some of them.

A Good Contractor Must Establish Good Communication with the Clients

Ask the client how he prefers to communicate with you. Good options include being onsite and talking with your client every morning before work begins. It is also good to have your client’s phone number and the consent to call or text anytime. You should be ready and prepared for any questions the client may ask in the duration of the home renovation. This is an opportunity for you to report any progress and inform them of what work is scheduled over the coming days — and to ask your questions and voice any concerns you have.

A Good Contractor Must Keep a Documentation of the Project

Your project journal is your friend and ally. You can use it to record progress, note things you want to ask your contractor, jot down ideas, record product order numbers and note upcoming delivery dates. A journal helps keep communication clear, and provides a record of who said what when — which could help you iron out disputes later on.

A Good Contractor Must Eliminate Unnecessary Allowances

An allowance is a line item in the contractor’s bid for something that’s yet to be determined. For example, if you haven’t chosen the plumbing hardware for your new master suite, the contractor will put an allowance number in the budget as a placeholder.

But with such a wide range of price points for these products, the contractor’s estimate may be far lower than what you wind up spending. Try to eliminate allowances by sorting out all of the  material and product selections before you give the client an itemised bid.

A Good Contractor Must Express Agreements in Writing

Your team may encounter unforeseen structural issues, or you may decide to include additional work as the project evolves. Any good contractor can handle these changes — just make sure that it is expressed in writing. Specify in your renovation contract that you want change orders in writing for anything that’s going to add to the bottom line of the job. That means you must give the client a description of the change and a fixed price for what it’ll cost. You both must sign the change order before the work is done.

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