Steps to Maximise Efficiency in Your Renovation or Extension Project

28 September 2020

Since a home renovation or extension project can be every bit of a struggle, it requires a whole lot of focused energy to plan and execute. This can often be the source of stress and anxiety among homeowners. However, what they do not know is that you can definitely execute a home renovation or extension project with ease and convenience. Below are steps to maximise efficiency in your renovation or extension project.

Maximise Efficiency with a Temporary Kitchen

If your kitchen is going to be out of commission for more than a few days, avoid having Uber Eats and takeout food drill a hole in your wallet by setting up a temp kitchen. Find a space in your home where you can store a mini fridge and plug in your microwave for quick meals and food prep. Try to keep it as far from the construction zone as possible.

Maintain Organisation and Neatness with Planning

Getting organised means strategising your design, your deliveries, your timeframe, and your budget. The more organised you are before your renovation, the less chance there will be for error – and errors create major stress. Keep dedicated folders on your computer that outline your plan for each category and review and adjust them daily as your remodel commences. For the design aspect, open up a free Pinterest account and create a board of all of your creative ideas. Keep dedicated folders for each category with sub categories so that you’re never confused about your plan, and you can easily show or email your contractor whatever you need.

Maximise Efficiency with a Detailed Contract

To avoid unnecessary stress, make absolutely sure your contract is detailed, signed and understood before you start knocking down walls. A bad or loosely detailed contract can delay or even get your renovation cancelled. Make sure your start and completion dates are outlined and make sure your terms, and your contractor’s terms, are outlined and understood as well.

Keep a Storage for Valuable Items During Renovation or Extension Project

There is nothing worse than having something deeply important to you ruined by dust or broken during your renovation. Before the start date, inventory your home and make a plan to move your most valuable heirlooms, antiques, and important items to a friend or family member’s house, or even a heated storage unit. There’s no need for the added stress of hoping your valuables will survive your kitchen cabinet installation or bathroom renovation. Just move them out of the house and feel good about it.

Your home renovation is going to cost you time and energy whether or not you’re totally organized, but if you fail to stay on top of your plan, you can add major stress to the list of things you will have to manage. Dedicate and commit to the above rules to stay as stress free as possible during your next remodelling project.

Ensure to maximise efficiency during your renovation or extension project by contacting Optimum Renovations. We approach all renovations with a few simple principals between client and builder. We are proud members of the Master Builders Association of Victoria and are Registered Building Practitioner’s (unlimited) with the Victorian Building Authority.

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